Perfect Prime Rib Everytime (The Best Ever)


I promise you this comes out perfect. Make sure NO ONE OPENs THE OVEN DOOR. I all so use other beef roasts; works sooooo good. I remember I was very scared to do it the first time but I went ahead and did it. OMG… What a wonderful way to cook beef.

-I made this for Christmas dinner using a 7.5 lb. bone in prime rib. I never, ever, dared to make a prime rib before. I followed the directions exactly. The meat was perfect! And it was so tender we did not have to use knives. Its so important to start with a good cut of meat! Everyone raved about it. Anyone who calls this method a failure definitely either did something different or had a faulty oven or meat thermometer, because this method is truly fail proof!

-This was my first attempt at Prime rib and the flavor and tenderness were wonderful. However make sure you account for using the convection roast setting on your oven if you have one because it will cut the cooking time in half. I did not have any smoking issues but I did run my power ventihood at high while cooking to reduce the chance of this happening.

Also a plug for Penzy spices, they have a English Rib Roast combination that really enhanced the flavor. And I did a salt brine for a minimum of 24 hours prior to cooking
-Followed directions to a “t”. Read the other posts about it smoking a lot while cooking, so I had the exhaust fan on and placed a window fan at the side kitchen window blowing out; so I had no issues with smoke. I turned the fans off when I turned off the oven; no one even peeked at the roast; my oven is 3 years old and works great. However, when we carved the meat, it was raw – the outside looked cooked but the inside was a bloody mess to everyone’s horror. We had to eat our Christmas meal in two parts since the roast had to be recooked a normal way. Stick with a meat thermometer instead of this receipe. I give it two stars because of the seasonings used; the basic flavors appealed to the variety of taste buds at the table.

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